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In March, CRSC submitted a memo to Mayor Walsh requesting he include a City Rent Subsidy Program in his FY19 budget. He did not include it in his initial FY19 budget, but there is still time to convince him to include it in his final FY19 budget, due June 23. You can read the letter by clicking the PDF icon below. 

In April, ten of the thirteen Boston City Councilors submitted a memo to Mayor Walsh requesting he include a $5million pilot City Voucher Program to house 400+ community members to Mayor Walsh. You can read the letter by clicking the PDF icon below. 

On April 30th, Councilor Mark Ciommo held a hearing on the Department of Neighborhood Development budget where several CRSC members and four City Councilors, including Council President Andrea Campbell, spoke in support of including the program in the FY19 budget.  

On Saturday May 5th, the Mass Alliance of HUD Tenants (MAHT) and Boston Homeless Solidarity Committee (BHSC) tabled at the Wake Up the Earth Festival. We were joined by former City Councilor Tito Jackson, who has been a strong supporter of the proposal and voted against Mayor Walsh's final FY18 budget due to it not being included. We spoke with over 350 community members, encouraging them to call Mayor Walsh to request he fund the program this year.

MAHT and BHSC have sent hand address letters to all 440 residents and owners of Millennium Tower appealing for their support. We have requested that they call Mayor Walsh and ask him to use their taxes to fund the proposed program. The $10.9 million paid each year by  Millennium Tower owners alone would fund 1,000 project based rent subsidies to provide permanent homes for people currently living on the streets. The letter can be read by clicking the PDF icon below. 

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